Amslift Ltd

AMSLIFT LTD (formerly known as Amsler-Hissi Oy) was established in 1997, in order to install lifts in existing buildings without elevator facilities. Over the years, we have become the national leader in this sector. Currently, we are building lifts with shafts to excisting buildings as well as installing standard and customised lifts in new buildings.

AMSLIFT is an entirely autonomous and 100 % Finnish company. We are, in fact, the largest independent lift supplier in Finland. Our wide use of hydraulic lifts is due to the many advantages of this system. Especially in confined spaces hydraulic lifts are a good solution. They are silent and do not compromise roof or ground floor structures. In addition, they are inexpensive to build and maintain. Of all new hydraulic lift installations in Finland, most are AMSLIFT brand. AMSLIFT uses the technology of GMV Sweden that is an ISO 9001 certified manufacturer of hydraulic components. This ensures the highest quality of manufacture and also guarantees the best availability of parts and service to our customers. Our main supplier GMV, founded in 1958, is by far the largest manufacturer of hydraulic lifts in the world.

Specialization brings with it benefits, both to ourselves and to our customers. Our prices are very competitive and our people are all experts in their own field. We have a great "track record" in installation, maintenance and custom solutions to special needs and requirements. As a result, we have made, for several years now, more than 50 % of all new elevators for existing buildings in Helsinki. Our maintenance and repair services are a 24 hour operation, 365 days a year. Our guiding principles are prompt service, tailor-made solutions to customer needs and total dependability.

- Juha Kiviranta, General Manager